1:8 RC Jet, voll lackiert, kann als Turbinen Version oder als EDF / Elektro Version aufgebaut werden, Sandwich Glasfaser/Airex vacuum Technologie, hoher Vorfertigung, sehr kurze Bauzeit ...



 M138 LIZARD JET  sabavio-logo.jpg

Name : M138 LIZARD

M138 Lizard ist die 1:8 Nachbildung einer futuristischen Roboterdrohne

  • kann als Turbinen oder Elektro Version aufgebaut werdenlizard-m138-zenit.jpg
  • Sandwich Glasfaser/Airex vacuum Technologie
  • vollständig lackiert
  • Ruder ausgeschnitten, Ruderhörner eingeklebt
  • vorbereitet zur Installation des SAB Fahrwerk Komplettsets
  • größtmögliche Vorfertigung für kurze Bauzeiten (ca. 8 Stunden Bauzeit)

Technische Daten Turbinen Version

  • Spannweite: 138 cm
  • Länge: 155 cm
  • Gewicht Turbinen Version trocken RTF: 5,8 – 6,5 kg
  • Turbine: 4,5 bis 12 kg
  • Tankinhalt: 2 Liter

für Turbinenversion wird benötigt:
- Turbine: 4.5Kg-12Kg Schub
- 1x Turbine Conversion Kit: S0305-S
- Hopper / Zusatz Tank: UAT120CC S0296-S
- Optional: Vector Thrust Kit S0087-S

Technische Daten EDF / Elektro Version

  • Spannweite: 138 cm
  • Länge: 155 cm
  • Gewicht EDF Version: 6,5 – 7,5 kg
  • Impeller: 100 bis 120mm
  • ESC: 160/200A
  • Akku: 12S/5000 mah

für EDF / Elektro Version wird benötigt:
- 1x 100mm - 120mm EDF
- 1x Regler mind. 160A - 200A ESC
- 1x Lipo Antriebsakku 12S 5000mAh LiPo


  • M138 Lizard Kit, voll lackiert
  • Aufbauanleitung

Folgende Komponenten werden noch benötigt:
1x Turbine oder EDF Antrieb

3x Mini Servo
1x Standard servo

3x Mini Servos
2x Mini Wing Servos for Optional Rudders
1x Elektrisches Landegestell


Electric or turbine version.
For the turbine option the conversion kit is required : S0305-S
Full sandwich fiberglass/airex (vacuum technology)
All parts already painted
Ready to install SAB landing gear
Control surface horns and servo mounts already installed
Super fast assembly, everything setup at the factory

Enter the SAB AVIO M138 Lizard; a menacing creature of flight, featuring a radical design for the ultimate in unrivaled jet driven performance.
Drawing inspiration from the Tortuga, Havok and Drake, the M138 Lizard is a purpose built beast, incorporating an aerodynamic design for epic low speed capability coalesced with the ultimate in high speed thrills.

Torn from the saga of "Antartica," the M138 Lizard is envisioned as a multirole fighter - craving the opportunity to devastate the adversary in epic all out war.
Featuring a weathered pre-painted, high visibility livery, the detail and design of the M138 is stunning in form, with incredible functionality that is highly visible all throughout this impressive machine.

Compact in form, the M138 Lizard was designed as the perfect fit between its larger Havok & Drake counterparts, offering epic levels of high performance capability.
A first for this size of machine, the M138 Lizard is EDF ready, with the ability to harness 100mm - 120mm EDF fans for the ultimate in electric powered thrust.
For those that thirst for pure turbine madness, the Lizard awaits your turbine of choice, with the optional turbine conversion kit capable of housing 4.5Kg - 12Kg turbines for the ultimate in sky scorching speed.

Engineered for maximum control, the M138 Lizard features an array of high authority control surfaces, allowing the Lizard to excel in every regime of flight.
Utilizing canards for pitch control, ailerons for roll, and optional dual rudder capability for optimized low speed flight, the Lizard was designed to perform.
And for those that choose the ultimate in turbine power, the optional turbine vector kit adds massive 3D control, with 3D thrust vectoring capability for all out aerobatic insanity.

Step into the future of RC jet flight with the all new SAB M138 Lizard - ARF brilliance with looks ready to kill.


- EDF Ready with Optional Turbine Conversion Capability
- Full Sandwich Fiberglass / Airex High Strength Layup
- Optional Turbine 3D Thrust Vectoring System
- Incredible Control, Precision and Maneuverability
- Aggressive High Alpha Capability
- All New Quick Release Wing System
- Fully Painted with Incredible Levels of Detail
- Control Surface Horns / Servo Mounts Pre-Installed
- Ultra Easy Compartment Access
- Factory Set for Rapid Assembly
- Ready for SAB Retract Landing Gear System

EDF Requirements:
(1) 100mm - 120mm EDF
(1) 160A - 200A ESC
(1) 12S 5000mAh LiPo Battery

Turbine Requirements:
(1) 4.5Kg - 12Kg Turbine
(1) Turbine Conversion Kit - S0305-S(1) UAT120CC - S0296-S
(1) (Optional) Vector Thrust Kit - S0087-S

Technical Specifications:
Wing Span: 1380mm (54.3")
Length: 1550mm (61")
Dry RTF Weight: 5.8Kg - 6.5Kg / 12.3 lbs. - 14.5 lbs. (Dependent Upon Equipment Used)
Fuel Tank Capacity: 2 Liters (0.52 Gallons)

(1) M138 Lizard Kit

Required for Flight:
(1) EDF or Turbine Powerplant (ESC Required for EDF)
(3) Mini Servos
(1) Standard Servo
(2) Mini Wing Servos for Optional Rudders
(1) Retract System